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Country life
A Green Oasis

Between the countryside and the beach of Eraclea, facing the Venice Lagoon, Dune Agriturismo can be undoubtedely considered an unspoilt naturalistic oasis, where squirrels, pheasants and heirs can still be observed in their natural habitat.

The Sea, the pinewood and the green country portray this enchanted place and create an amazing scenary for our estate. A naturalistic path through dunes, high trees, rows of mulberries and small canals gives our guests the chance to discover plants and animals typical of this territory and to live according to the rythms of nature.

The Relais is immersed in scents and colours that seem to come from ancient times; our guests can walk through paths slipping into the deepest nature, marked by bushes of elder and raspberry and by trees once part of a thick wood and now revived thanks to our own planting-work.

Imagine how pleasing could be spending a day by our amazing pool, 25m long and just a few steps from the murmur of the sea.

By the farm of our estate are still cultivated fruits and vegetables, white and red grapefruit and breeded cattle and chickens ( the breeding farms are more than 1000 m far from the Relais).

We produce and offer our own wines, sauces, marmalades, fruit compotes, sausages and in-oil vegetables.

The products of this very soil become then main ingredients in the recipes of our restaurant Al Granèr, whose skilled staff works paying attention to tradition and genuineness.

Dune Agriturismo Relais, if compared to the other turistic accomodations between Venice, Treviso and Jesolo, can be prized as an almost unique example of refined agriturismo, resulting from a fusion of tradition and contemporaneity, sharing the beauty of this magic encounter between the earth and the sea.